Breeding Contract for Frenchmans Feature or SF Shaggin Wagon

Shomaker Farms

Stallion Service and Cool Semen Contract

This Stallion Breeding Contract for the breeding season of 2024 is made and entered into the ___ day of _________, 2024 is by  and between Shomaker Farms, hereinafter designated Breeder, and _______________________________, hereinafter designated Mare Owner. 


Mare Owner agrees to breed the mare


Reg #:_______________________


To the Stallion ____________________________________

Reg #:_________________ for the fee of ___________ which includes the   1st shipment of semen.  ** If booking multiple mares, the fee on each additional mare will be $1000.**


Breeder and Mare Owner agree to the following conditions:

  1. The stallion fee includes a non-refundable booking fee of $500, payable with this contract, the balance of which must be paid in full before semen is shipped or the mare is released to the Mare Owner.  If semen is not shipped and/or balance of stud fee not paid within the current breeding season, Mare Owner will forfeit the booking fee and this contract becomes null and void.  Once the stud fee has been paid in full, refunds (less the booking fee) will be given at the sole discretion of the Stallion Owner.  In the event that the Mare dies or becomes unfit to breed during the breeding season, the Mare Owner my substitute another mare.

  2. This Contract contains a Life Foal Guarantee.  A live foal is described as a newborn foal which stands and nurses without assistance.  Should the mare fail to have a live foal, as defined above, the mare owner has the right to return the mare for rebreeding in the succeeding year only.  Mare Owner must notify the Breeder within 24 hours and send a veterinarian’s statement.

  3. Shomaker Farms MUST be notified 24 hours in advance of collection day to insure your shipment.  Shipment days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Feb 1 – June 14, 2024, with the exception of May 27 - Memorial Day.   There will NOT be shipments on this day.  Confirmation or cancellation may be made by 9 am CST the day of shipping.  Cancellations not called in by 9am CST will be charged for that shipment.  Shipments are filled on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  Please remember that a cooled semen contract does not guarantee semen will be available.  In the unlikely event of insufficient semen on a particular breeding day, Shomaker Farms reserves the right to determine which mares will be bred based on reproductive status.  The 1st shipment is included in the stud fee, each additional shipment will be $350. Canadian shipments will be $550.   We do not offer Counter to Counter Shipments.   The Shipping Container is property of Shomaker Farms and must be returned.  If the container is not returned within 5 business days, a $20 penalty will be assessed daily.

  4. Stallion Manager agrees to diligently try to settle the Owner’s Mare.  Mare Owner agrees to pay all expenses, ie. Board, veterinarian expenses, and breeding fees before the mare is released to the Owner.

  5. Mare Owner agrees that the Stallion Manager will not be responsible for any disease, accident, sickness or death to Mare Owner’s Mare or Foal, and the Stallion Manager will exercise judgment in supervising and caring for the Mare.  Mare Owner will likewise not be responsible for any disease, accident, sickness, or death to Stallion or mare.

  6. It is further agreed that should the stallion die, be sold, or become unfit for service prior to settling the mare,

     then this contract shall become null and void.



Breeder Signature :________________________________


Mare Owner Signature:_____________________________


Mare Owner Adress:________________________________________________

Phone Number:_________________________________ 



Address to where semen will be shipped:



Shomaker Farms                                                                                     

4390 Field School Rd                                                                                             

McKenzie, TN  38201

731-352-0045 ~


All Mares coming to Shomaker Farms must have a current Negative Coggins.