Shomaker Farms Stallion Services

Shomaker Farms offers a full range of
commercial stallion breeding services. 
These services are designed to allow the owners to use their stallion’s
semen in a fresh or shipped-cool semen program. 
Our stallion breeding services are provided on an Out-Patient (trailer-in)
or In-Patient (stallion stays at the farm) and charged on a per-procedure

Semen collection is performed at the
farm using routine techniques. After
semen is collected, it is immediately evaluated and processed for fresh or
shipped-cool use. The initial semen
evaluation includes determination of the follow: 1. Gel-free volume, 2. Percent sperm
motility, and 3. Sperm concentration. If
the semen is to be used for fresh insemination, the appropriate volume of raw
semen is mixed with semen extender so that each insemination dose contains at
least 500 million progressively motile sperm cells. If the semen is to be shipped, the
appropriate volume of semen is mixed so that each dose contains 1 billion progressively
motile sperm cells. After processing,
the semen is packaged and shipped to the mare owner. Stallion owners may provide their own
shipping containers or rent one from Shomaker Farms.


Fee Schedules - 2024


1. Board -                                            $25/day

2. Initial Collections – Semen Viability Checks, Pre Purchase Exams or Stallions NOT standing at SF (Out-Patient) -                                                                                             * $300/Collection

        * $35/dose - if semen would like to be taken

3. Stallions standing at SF (In-Patient) -                                                           $75/Collection

4. Unsuccessful Collection Attempt -         


5. Phantom Training -                 $150/Session                                         approximately an hour

6. Semen Shipment – Includes Collection, Equitainer Usage, And Fed Ex Charges -

                               * $150/Shipment picked up 

                                               * $350/InPatient                                              * $400/Out-Patient

**Shomaker Farms does not offer airport pickup or delivery of shipments**