Shomaker Farms Mare Services

Shomaker Farms offers a full range of
commercial mare breeding services. Mares
may be artificially inseminated with shipped – cooled or frozen semen from a stallion of
the mare owner’s choice or inseminated with ​fresh semen from one of the
stallions standing at our farm. Our mare
breeding services are provided on an outpatient (trailer-in) or inpatient basis
(mares housed on the farm). All services
are charged on a per procedure basis.

In order to determine the optimal
time of breeding, when mares are in heat they are examined with ultrasongraphy
as frequently as deemed necessary based on the method of breeding.   Mares being bred with fresh semen are
generally examined every other day, while mares being bred with shipped semen
are generally examined on a daily basis during their heat cycle. Mares can be pregnancy checked 15 – 18 days
after their last insemination. Routine
hormone treatments are administered as necessary to bring mares into heat (i.e.
– Prostaglandin), to hasten ovulation (i.e. – HcG or Ovuplant), and to improve
the tone of the uterus (i.e. – Oxytocin). 
In addition, uterine treatments are performed as deemed necessary based
on ultrasound.


Fee Schedule - 2024

1.Board  -                              Pasture - $18/day

                                                      Stall - $22/day

2.Ultrasound -                                 $35

3.Insemination of Mare -     $45/Insmenination

4.Hormone Treatments -

  1. Prostaglandin(Lutelyse)                                                                           $10/Treatment
  2. HcG                                      $45/Treatment
  3. Oxytocin                                 $5/Treatment

5.Uterine Therapy -                       $60/Flush

6.Caslicks -                                      $50


**Counter to Counter shipments must be picked up by mare owner or courier service**